FIVE years.

I’ve been asking for medical cannabis for almost five years now. 

I’m on a lot of medications. Not all are for pain, but some of my pain meds are opioid based. 

I hated hearing the first suggestion of opioid based medication for my pain. I’d done my research and new the risks.

So I held out, continuing to ask my various GP’s and specialists about medical cannabis. But no-one would help me find a way to access it.

I’ve had paramedics suggest I just grow my own (being in the middle of nowhere — I wasn’t likely to get caught), but I didn’t want to do anything illegal (motherhood — it changes you.)

Seriously though, I couldn’t stand the idea of my life getting any more complicated than it already was.

I was in so much pain, eventually I gave in to a couple of opioid based medications.

Then, in a boring and unfortunately all too common twist, whenever I now end up in emergency departments and they see the medications I’m on, I’m immediately labeled a drug seeker.

I just came back from an appointment with my new GP. She was writing up all my prescriptions with ZERO judgement, lovely compassionate woman. 

And while writing, she looks up at me and says: “Have you ever given any thought to medical cannabis?” 

My eyes widened in shock and then she continued: “Because I’m a legal prescriber and although it usually costs way too much, right now I know of a study being held … I can get both you and Milly into the trial if you’d like?”

FIVE years.

FIVE years of extreme pain, pain that doesn’t let me sleep, pain that doesn’t let me leave the house, pain that doesn’t let me stand, or walk far, or have a social life because it’s painful to think about what someone else is saying and it’s painful to think of something to say back.

FIVE years.

The photo is my happy face afterwards…

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