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FIVE years.

I’ve been asking for medical cannabis for almost five years now.  I’m on a lot of medications. Not all are for pain, but some of my pain meds are opioid based.  I hated hearing the first suggestion of opioid based medication for my pain. I’d done my research and new the risks. So I held…

Glowing = Growing

Post-physio glow. I will be crying and in unbelievable amounts of pain later on. But I’m happy I got the second consecutive day of my new physio routine done. It’s working every single part of my body … and every single part of my body is feeling it. adultballetadvocateballetblogchronicchronic illnesschronic painchronicillnessdancedespairdoctordoctorshappyhospitalignoreignoredinvisibleinvisible illnessinvisibleillnesslifelovepainpatientworkoutwriterwriting

But It Really Should

I was out someplace. Someplace where I sorta-did/sorta-didn’t, know most of the other folk there. Everyone’s doing their own thing at Someplace. I remember the state I felt I was in. I remember I’d dragged myself, with every ounce of I-Think-I-Can, to Someplace, that day. I had been *regular person* sick for a couple of…